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Refugee Run at Davos

Refugees tell us, “You cannot understand a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”. The Refugee Run invites you to take a few steps in the shoes of a refugee.

The Refugee Run has now completed its sessions at the World Economic Forum 2014. Crossroads Foundation is sincerely grateful to all of you who attended. 

The Refugee Run offers a depth of understanding well beyond the reach of a speech or discussion panel. It is not a talk. It is a simulation in which you participate: an opportunity to encounter, first hand, some of the struggles and choices that refugees and IDPs must face for survival. 

This simulation has been designed by refugees, IDPs, UN and NGO colleagues to create as realistic a scenario as possible and to target issues that need addressing by global leaders: ethnic conflict, military arrogance, corruption, disempowerment and frustration.

Would you like to help Syria?

The need for displaced people within Syria, as well as those who are refugees in neighbouring countries, is increasing at a tragic rate as the crisis continues to escalate. If you would like to help NGOs/IGOs in practical ways, please find suggestions here.


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Photo essay: Crossroads helps Syrian refugees

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